Our Software

Our orthodontic practice strives to provide an excellent service to our patients though our friendly and professional staff and by using world-recognized equipment and software.

To this end, we have invested in the complete compliment of Dolphin software from “Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions” which is based in Chatsworth Los Angeles. This software comprises of a full-featured orthodontic practice management system, a picture and x-ray imaging organizing system, a letters system and case presentation and patient education tool.

“Dolphin Management” allows us to do scheduling, complete our patient’s treatment card, queue and print letters, send emails, send short messages(sms), allow patients to check-in, access patient history, etc. This all runs on our up-to-date computer hardware system. All of these functions are performed in a streamlined workflow to enhance our practice’s efficiency and effectiveness enabling our staff to make our patients top priority at our practice.


“Dolphin Imaging” helps us to store and retrieve valuable patient imaging records. This software helps us greatly when doing patient progress and final discussions. Through it we can show treatment progress and also do surgical simulations.


The “Dolphin Aquarium” is a dynamic patient education and case presentation tool that uses high quality 3D graphics to demonstrate common and complex orthodontic topics. Such demonstrations allows the comprehension of complex dental and orthodontic jargon. Topics include oral hygiene, diagnoses using different appliances, foods to avoid while having braces, and many more.