Arch Development (Expansion)
– Damon technique
– Passive self ligating orthodontic brackets are used and very low friction occurs between the bracket and the archwire.
– Treatment time are usually slightly decreased with the use of self ligating orthodontic brackets.
– Discomfort experienced by patients are less when using low force archwires initially.
– Rapid force decay of orthodontic elastomeric ligatures are excluded when using self ligating orthodontic brackets.
– Oral hygiene control are significantly improved when using self ligating orthodontic brackets.
– Extraction of teeth are reduced with the use of arch development.


Functional Appliances
– Functional appliances can be used as fixed or removable appliances and they are utilized in patients with Class II malocclusions with an overjet.
Literature reveals that these appliances cause a 20% change in jaw relationship and 80% tooth changes.
– The success of functional appliances is dependent on good patient cooperation, however n group of patients do not respond good to these appliances often due to an unfavorable growth direction


Reproximation of teeth
– In certain orthodontic cases there is a need for space creation and if tooth extractions are not indicated, space can be created by means of tooth reproximation where the tooth dimension is literally reduced without any long-term complications.


Temporary Anchorage units (TAD)
– These small miniscrews are inserted into bone with the aid of local anesthesia and are then used for the purpose of anchorage. In some orthodontic cases it can benefi effectivet tooth movement and reduce anchorage loss.
– It can be applied in different scenarios e.g. for intrusion of molars, forwards movement of molars, backwards movement of molars, space closure etc.