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Braces for Kids (First Phase Orthodontic Treatment)

Orthodontic treatment planning and treatment objectives of children patients during the mixed dentition phase differ from orthodontic treatment of teenagers with a full complement of permanent teeth or adults who have completed their facial growth. Children go through extensive periods of development and change as they grow, especially when it comes to oral health. Milk teeth start to erupt between 6 to 12 months and play an integral role in helping children to learn to eat and speak correctly. At the age of 7, the milk teeth become mobile and start to fall out, making way for the permanent teeth.

The Importance of Child Orthodontics

Children can benefit from orthodontic treatment from as early as 7 years. By straightening teeth and correcting jaw alignment and creating space orthodontic treatment can improve a child’s bite, making it easier for them to chew and speak. Additionally, straight teeth are easier to clean and less likely to develop cavities or gum disease, which commonly occur during childhood.

Our priority is to give a child confidence with a healthy smile.

The Benefits of Early Treatment

Starting orthodontic treatment early on can help us address problems before they become more severe, making treatment faster and more effective. In addition, starting treatment early can make it more likely that children will be able to avoid more invasive treatments, such as jaw surgery and permanent tooth extraction later on.

It’s important to note that not all children will benefit from early treatment. Specific concerns can only be addressed once until all the permanent teeth have erupted or more advanced growth has occurred.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment Available for Children

Orthodontic treatment can take many forms, and the proper treatment for your child will depend on their specific needs. Some common types of treatment include:

  • Braces for Children: These are similar to traditional metal braces with brackets and wires.
  • Space Maintainers: These are used when a milk tooth has been removed or fallen out prematurely. The space maintainer keeps the gap open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt naturally while ensuring the other teeth don’t shift.
  • Habit Breakers: If your child has developed a bad habit, such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting we use habit breakers to correct them. These specialised devices prevent the habit from continuing while improving your child’s bite.

Orthodontic treatment does more than improve your child’s smile – it boosts their confidence and allows them to thrive in their daily life. As parents, you can give your child the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile that can last a lifetime.


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